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Lyons Valley Townhomes/ Summit Housing

The Summit Housing Group, submitted a public proposal to build 40 affordable housing units in Lyons, as the Town lost significant affordable housing in the 2013 flood.  The resulting neighborhood is called Lyons Valley Townhomes and consists of two and three bedroom single family homes and two bedroom townhomes.  The property is managed by Highland Property Management.

Summit Housing is accepting applications for Lyons Valley Townhomes. If you are interested please read the following information and review the application to submit.

Summit Housing - Highland Property  Management Application
Summit Housing - Rent and Income Schedule

              IMPORTANT INFO: 

    • The application is 17 pages long.  Please fill out as thoroughly as possible. 
    • The minimum and maximum incomes listed on the Rent and Income Schedule (under Information above) are valid until readjusted in 2024.


NECESSARY ITEMS FOR APPLICATION DROP OFF (If you are unable to drop off application in person you may send someone in your stead.): 

  • Completed application with all signatures (17 pages)
  • Application fee of $28 per adult in household. This must be money order or cashier’s check made out to ­­­­Highland Property Management.  This is for the background check.  Money orders are available at the post office and cashier’s checks are available at your bank.
  • Photocopies of IDs for all adults.


  • In person at Lyons Valley Townhomes, 401 Carter Dr, Lyons, CO 
  • In person at Town Hall, 432 5th Ave, Lyons, CO 
  • By email to: 



Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) is the local housing authority in the Town of Lyons.
On their website you will find information about BCHA’s affordable homes -including past, current, and future developments, affordable rentals, housing assistance vouchers, and more
They also have created a list of home purchasing resources.