Stormwater Utility & Fee Structure 

In 2018,  the Board of Trustees approved an ordinance creating the Stormwater Utility as an enterprise fund, in order to maintain and improve the Town’s stormwater system. Stormwater is generated by water (community water usage, snowmelt, rainfall and other sources) running across impervious surfaces, such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and roof tops where it picks up contaminants such as oil residue from cars, litter, and debris.

The fund is responsible for conveying, treating, and detaining stormwater from impervious areas to local creeks and rivers within the Town.The stormwater management fee is a fixed monthly charge for customers within town limits. All properties within Town limits pay a flat monthly fee per parcel. Fees charged to customers will be utilized to  pay for the construction and maintenance of the stormwater system to better protect Lyons during storms and floods. The fee is used to support flood infrastructure, maintenance, regulatory compliance, water quality monitoring, hazards, to maintain and improve detention ponds, water quality structures, storm drain inlets, culverts, etc. 

Most of the stormwater challenges are a result of off-site flows from outside of Town, which can be attributed to Lyons unique geography. As a result, the Town decided that all properties should pay the same fee, regardless of coverage, impervious area, or other criteria.

Beginning in March 2018, every parcel within the Town shall be assessed $10 monthly fee for operations and maintenance of the storm drainage system, and for storm drainage capital improvements. The stormwater fee is a monthly charge and is not dependent on occupancy or water usage. The town's storm water drainage system connects directly to the St. Vrain Creek. Protecting stormwater quality keeps our waterways healthy and preserves wildlife habitat.

Services and Programs

One of the greatest natural threats to Lyons is a stormwater inundation, due to a rain/weather storm. The Hazardous Incident Risk Assessment (HIRA) Report identified strategies to strengthen Lyons and protect people and structures from flooding, in the event of a significant storm which is a serious threat to Lyons.

The following services and programs are set initiatives of the enterprise:

  • Implement the Master Plan for drainage basins in the Town of Lyons.
  • Prioritize projects for improvement, based on the Stormwater Master Plan.
  • Improve existing stormwater facilities that have deteriorated.
  • Work on drainage improvement projects that are designed and prioritized to provide cost-effective flood protection.
  • Develop floodplain maps with specific information about the flooding risk in each basin.
  • Projects are financed through the Stormwater Utility.
  • Work to protect and maintain the quality of streams, rivers and other vital water resources.

Every parcel within the Town shall be assessed and charged the following monthly user fee for operations and maintenance of the storm drainage system, and for storm drainage capital improvements.

Monthly rates, effective March 2018


Residential Customer (per parcel)
Nonresidential (all other zoning districts) Customers