Backflow & Cross-Connection Control

The Town of Lyons adopted the Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control Program (Ordinance 1007) in 2016. This BPCCC Program, in compliance with the Colorado State Regulation 11.39, was put in place to protect our drinking water from possible contamination. All water systems experience conditions that could allow for the unintended reverse flow of liquid. This is known as “backflow” and these events may be acute and could pose an immediate health risk to the public. Some common cross-connections found in buildings include: fire sprinkler lines, irrigation sprinkler lines, boilers, automatic soap injectors, hose bibs, display fountains.

If your commercial or multi-family connection currently has a backflow preventer installed, you are responsible to have these assemblies/devices/methods inspected annually (LMC 13-6-60) by a State-certified tester. You can find a list of certified testers HERE. Once the tester has provided a passing test, the results may be submitted via email to, mailed or dropped-off at Town Hall, 432 5th Ave., or mailed to PO Box 49 Lyons, CO 80540.

If we have not received the test form by July 15, a fine or penalty (disconnection of water utility services) may be imposed per LMC 13-6-100.

For more information regarding the BPCCC program you may contact Utilities Director Aaron Caplan at or (303) 823-6622 x42. For more information on the Colorado regulation: State of Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulation 11.39