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The Lyons Municipal Code is the compilation of laws that govern the Town. Laws within the Municipal Code are set or amended by the Board of Trustees. It is organized by chapters, made to be easily accessible by citizens, Town officials, Town staff, and members of the general public.

This page is tailored to quickly access codes, information, and resources, for commonly referenced codes, standards, and violations in Lyons. Please refer to the Lyons Municipal Code to codes not mentioned on this page, or contact Code Compliance Officer, Dale Van Wagner, at 303-823-6622, ext. 47. 


Staff's goal is to attain compliance with adopted codes through education, cooperation, and enforcement, to maintain a safe, healthy and clean community. Life and safety concerns as well as dangerous conditions are highest priority.

We are committed to professional code enforcement which is responsive to our residents. Review the Town of Lyons Municipal Code for adopted ordinances.

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Common Code Violations



It is the duty of all property owners to not permit any weeds, grasses or other brush to grow in height exceeding six (6”) inches. It is also the duty of owners to provide for landscaping and maintenance of any abutting public right-of-way area between the property line and the curb line or edge of the roadway, and between the property line and center line of any alley (LMC 7-2-150). Fences must not be in disrepair (LMC 7-2-110(b)), constructed with standard fence materials (LMC 16-6-70(b)).


It shall be unlawful to deposit in or on or to litter any street, alley or public place with garbage, rubbish, debris, sod, earth, sand, gravel, concrete or any other construction or waste material (LMC 7-2-80).


Private property must be free from trash or rubbish (LMC 7-3-20) and all trash needs to be kept in a closed trash receptacle (LMC 7-3-30). Yard waste/debris (trimmed tree branches & other miscellaneous yard cleanup waste) cannot be placed/stored in the public right-of-way or on private property. It must be disposed of properly.
Local options for proper disposal of yard waste/debris can be found below:

outdoor storage

Outdoor Storage/Junk

Items intended for indoor use, such as upholstered furniture and household appliances and other junk may not be stored outside. Construction materials and auto repair tools and equipment also cannot not be stored outside (LMC 7-2-100). (see LMC 7-1-20 for junk definition).

Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles left unattended/unmoved on public property for longer than seven (7) days, or any vehicle on private property left in an inoperable condition (flat tires, missing/damaged windshield, expired/missing plates) must be removed or stored in an enclosed structure (LMC 10-4-70(c)).

Safe Sidewalks

Sidewalks must be kept clear for pedestrian safety. Plants may not extend onto sidewalks, streets or alleys (LMC 7-2-140(b)) or block visibility on street corners (LMC 7-4-80). Sidewalks must also be kept clear of snow and ice. Residential areas have twenty-four (24) hours after snowfall to clear sidewalks of snow/ice (LMC 11-1-50). All trees/shrubs must be clear space of eight feet (8’) above the surface of the sidewalk (LMC 7-4-80).
yard signs


Political and other non-commercial signs can be displayed on private property (and only permitted signs are allowed in public rights-of-way (LMC 16-9-30). Commercial signs may not be posted on residential property, except when permitted for an at-home business. “Wind” signs are prohibited (LMC 16-9-60).

Right-of-Way Parking

Parking of any trailer, commercial vehicle, or any vehicle in excess of twenty-two (22) feet on a public right-of-way adjacent to a lot in any zoned residential district for a period longer than two (2) hours is prohibited (except when rendering services to a property within (200’) two-hundred feet of where the vehicle/trailer is parked) (LMC 11-1-60(b)).

Noxious Weeds

The Town of Lyons works in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and Boulder County to eradicate invasive species of noxious weeds throughout Lyons, Boulder County and the entire State of Colorado, and we need your help. Although there are many species on CDA’s list of noxious weeds, there are two specific species that the Town is focusing on at this time: Myrtle Spurge and Mediterranean Sage. These species have been located in and around Lyons, and we hope to work with our residents to help control these weeds that pose an economic and environmental threat to our State.

More on Noxious Weeds in Lyons >>

Myrtle Spurge

myrtle spurge

Mediterranean Sage

med. sage


Please direct Lyons Municipal Code compliance questions or concerns to Code Compliance Officer, Dale Van Wagner, at (303) 823-6622 ext. 47, or

Please direct complaints regarding animals to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Dispatch:(303) 441-4444.

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