Stormwater Master Plan

In 2016, the Town completed a Stormwater Master Plan, funded by a CDBG-DR grant from HUD.

This plan updates a previous plan from April 1998. In addition to the basic updates of that plan, this plan modernizes the techniques used for runoff determination at various storm events, introduces concepts of updated codes and standards, water quality treatment of runoff, identifies areas at risk for flooding or inundation during various runoff events, identifies large scale capital improvement costs for the major runoff basins, identifies alternatives that could be considered in developed and undeveloped areas of the Town and adjacent unincorporated areas of Boulder County, and other important elements of a storm water master plan. 

This plan will be a useful tool for the Town of Lyons Board of Trustees and Staff to help prioritize and identify capital improvements and to inform land and homeowners of issues and concerns related to their property; for landowners and business owners to understand and be informed of the conditions of the storm water runoff; and for developers to understand issues and constraints and potential capital investments related to projects and development. Consultants will be on hand to discuss the plan. 

Stormwater Master Plan

Review the Stormwater Master Plan from December 2016.

Previous Master Plan

The previous drainage master plan, completed and adopted in April 1998, can be found here.

April 1998 Drainage Master Plan >>