Watershed Advisory Board

The Lyons Watershed Advisory Board was sunset in 2018. This page contains the board's previous information and activity, during its tenure.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • David Batts
  • Patrick Dumbauld
  • Richard "Hoss" Dean
  • Jeff Crane
  • Mathew Rooney, Chair
  • Robert Brackenridge
  • Scott Young
  • Jim Blankenship/Joe Kubala (alternate Town Liaisons)
  • Connie Sullivan, BOT Liaison

Mission Statement:

To protect, restore and enhance the sustainability, flood resiliency, and ecological integrity of the St Vrain River system in the Lyons watershed planning area[1].

Floodplain Mapping

2016 DRAFT Proposed Floodplain Map

DRAFT 2016 Floodplain Map
View Lyons' proposed DRAFT floodplain map, as re-mapped by Colorado Hazard Mapping Program in 2016. 

2012 Existing Floodplain Map

Existing Floodplain Map
Review Lyons' current floodplain map, adopted by FEMA in 2012.

Board’s Objectives:

  1. Through community engagement and collaboration, support the development and implementation of river restoration plans within the Lyons watershed planning area to achieve post-flood recovery, long-term resiliency, and economic and social benefits to the town.[2]
  2. To assure recreational, agricultural, municipal, industrial, and environmental sustainable use and enjoyment of the rivers through Lyons, and advocate for ecological, economic, historic and social values that our rivers provide to the town.
  3. To protect, conserve, and restore and the river corridor through Lyons by providing expertise and advice to the town staff and BOT and through development of best management practices and guiding principles for watershed health.
  4. To promote restoration and recovery of the rivers through Lyons to assure a clean, safe, and beautiful environment for our citizens, water users, and visitors.
  5. To work with the St. Vrain Basin Coalition on post flood recovery, ecological integrity of the watershed relative to habitat, water resource availability, minimum stream flows, and water quality protection and enhancement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Represent Lyons at the St. Vrain Creek Coalition.
  2. Establish an annual Work Plan to prioritize river related project work with the BOT.
  3. Advise the Town’s BOT and other Boards and Commissions regarding stream-related activities and to assure the river assets are considered in other town efforts.
  4. Review plans and design documents and make recommendations on infrastructure siting and plans within the river corridor to ensure they meet flood mitigation and watershed health goals.
  5. Develop best management practices for projects to promote flood mitigation, river restoration, and overall watershed health.
  6. Develop guiding principles or policies that can be adopted by the town to promote flood mitigation, river restoration, and overall watershed health.
  7. Coordinate with stakeholders within with Lyon’s watershed planning area, including but not limited to fishing, boating, camping, as well as private land owners.
  8. In conjunction with the town, provide public outreach to help inform residents about river restoration projects and watershed health.
  9. Actively seek grants and other funds to support restoration on both public and private lands in the planning area.
  10. Participate in developing, monitoring, updating, and implementing management plans.

[1] Lyons watershed planning area is defined as the North and South St. Vrain River watersheds upstream of the Highway 66  bridge.

[2] Examples of relevant existing plans include the St. Vrain Watershed Master Plan (2014), the Lyons Recovery Action Plan (2014), Lyons Sustainable River Corridor Action Plan (2014), and the Lyons Comprehensive Plan (2010).