Broadway US-36 Eastbound and Multimodal Improvements

The project will build a multimodal pathway, along the southern edge of Broadway, connecting CO-7/5th Ave in Lyons on the western end of downtown Lyons to the St Vrain trail network and Black Bear Hole at the eastern edge of town. Access to businesses will also be improved by creating pedestrian walkways and additional parking opportunities.

Currently, Broadway (US-36 eastbound) does not have sidewalks or bike lanes. This project will enhance pedestrian activity and enable pedestrians and cyclists to travel more safely along the roadway. It will also create pedestrian access on the northern edge to the businesses along Broadway, activating the north side of the road for improved business access, and add on-street parking along the southern and northern edges of Broadway (very similar to Main St parking and improvements).

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Proposed Improvement- Broadway (Conceptual Draft January 2023)
Proposed Concept and Rendering - Broadway
Proposed Concept and Rendering - 4th Ave and Broadway

Proposed Improvements - Railroad Avenue (Conceptual Draft January 2023)

The design phase of the project kicked off in January 2022. The Town plans  advertised the project for competitive bidding in with bids due on February 23, 2023. Construction is anticipated in start in March 2023.

Major project elements include:

1. Narrower travel lanes to enhance safety for all modes of travel
2. Curb extensions to shorten crossing distances at intersections
3. New sidewalks along the north side of the roadway
4. Addition of public parking spaces along both the northern and southern edges
5. Delivery and service access to businesses along the north side of Broadway
6. Improved bicycle and pedestrian access to downtown, the Library, Sandstone Park, and Black Bear Hole
7. Multimodal pathway (bike/ped) along the south side of Broadway

In 2021, this project secured additional funding through the Colorado Department of Transportation ‘s Revitalizing Main Street program. The bulk of the financing is from Transportation Improvement Projects Funding from DRCOG. The Town match is currently estimated to be approximately $61K.

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Previous Meetings and info:

Thursday, March 31, 2022 6 - 7 pm
Public Input Meeting via zoom
Public Meeting and Input Discussion 

Thursday, March 10, 2022 3  - 5 pm 
Meeting with businesses located on Broadway.
Location: Lyons Regional Library

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 12 - 2pm
Meeting with businesses located on Broadway.
Location: Lyons Regional Library

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. 

Meeting with businesses located on Broadway.
Location: Online via Zoom
US36 Multimodal Improvement Presentation