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Costume Contest

  1. 2020 Costume Contest
    We KNOW Lyons knows how to costume. The question is, who’s taking the gold this year? Submit your best individual or group Halloween costume photo, to be voted by the people of Facebook – the costumes with the most votes win!
  2. Rules
    • Submissions will be posted to the Lyons, Colorado Facebook page (link above). The photos with the most reactions (e.g. 'likes') will win a prize!

    • Voting will begin on Monday, October 26 at noon, as a Facebook photo album.

    • Voting will end on Friday, November 6 at noon; winners will be announced by 3 p.m.

    • The deadline to submit entries is Monday, November 2. The earlier you submit your entry, the longer it will be on Facebook!

    • We encourage creativity, but all costumes must be in good taste and appropriate for families and public viewing.

    • Participants must be willing to allow the Town to share your photo on Town of Lyons networks, such as Town of Lyons social media pages and websites.

    • Applicants must live in the Lyons area.

    • All submissions will be anonymous. Information included on the application will be used to contact winners and verify Lyons addresses.

  3. Make it your best, because we will only post one photo of each submission!
  4. By typing my full name, I agree to the rules as listed above, and give permission to the Town of Lyons to use or share my image in Town of Lyons networks, such as social media and online locations, for Town marketing and communication purposes.
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