Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs and You!

A guide to operating ADUs within the Town of Lyons.

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What is an ADU? What are the rules for building one? There is a high level of interest in ADUs in Lyons. If you are one of those interested parties, begin by reading the attached information and then contact the Town with additional questions.
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a form of housing that can be an important tool for diversifying and increasing the local housing stock. Lyons lost a great deal of housing in the flood of 2013. Much of these homes were attainable for low-to-median income households. With rising home prices and fewer homes available, Lyons has been pursuing a variety of measures to help alleviate the affordable housing crisis. One of the first strategies was to allow ADUs. So an Ordinance was passed after the flood which spelled out the parameters for ADU construction. However, the Town did not see an increase in the number of ADUs because the utility connection fees were a deterrent to property owners. Recognizing this, the Planning & Community Development Commission and the Utility & Engineering Board worked very closely with Town Staff to make code changes that eliminated those tap fees. The full ordinance which reflects the changes made to Chapter 16 (Zoning) and Chapter 13 (Utilities) of the Lyons Municipal Codes can be found in this document.
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