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In response to COVID-19, the Town's Building Department has adopted the following social distancing measures, for the safety of residents and staff.

COVID-19 Building Permits and Inspections

Following the release of COVID-19 State Guidance on the construction industry, the Town of Lyons has instituted the following requirements in the Community Development Department:

The state has determined that the construction industry is generally a critical function, but that people involved in the industry are not exempt from social distancing requirements. It encourages construction of critical infrastructure such as roads, housing (especially low-income housing), energy and water infrastructure, but urges a delay in most small-scale construction projects (e.g. home renovations).

Permits shall still be required and issued during this time. Please contact the Building Department to verify procedures for payment and for procedures for plan submittals and obtaining necessary documents when a permit is cleared to be issued. We encourage the submittal of building permits and will review all submitted permits, but may delay issuing building permits. Permit delays will be evaluated per the state guidance on a case by case basis.

Inspections are being done on a case by case basis, If someone has been sick in the residence or the business, inspections will be done virtually if possible. If the customer is comfortable having an inspection, the inspection will be done in person and masks will be worn by all parties present. 

The homeowner / contractor will capture video on standard .mp4 format as used by most cell phones. Contact with the inspector will be made prior, to verify that the project meets requirements to be inspected via video. Video will be sent to the inspector via email or text message. Inspector shall assess video and ask for additional footage if the scope of work isn’t able to be determined from initial video. In some cases, live feed video may be necessary. The inspector and contractor / homeowner will determine which platform can be used for each party. (Examples: Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc.).

We encourage rescheduling of small remodel projects to encourage all to stay at home during the pandemic emergency. If you have a permit about to expire, you are encouraged to fill out permit extension form and return to the Town.

Building Code Standards

In August 2018, the Town formally adopted the 2015 International Building Codes as the Town's building code standards. Construction after August 2018 will be held to the 2015 International Building Code standards.

Please direct questions to Building Inspector, Mike Theisen.

Forms and Applications

Contractors License

The Town of Lyons Contractor License application may be submitted through the online form, or a printable PDF. To submit a PDF application, please attach in an email to, or mail to the address listed below. Online submissions will automatically be sent to the Permit Technician, and do not need to be sent separately.

Payment & Insurance

To pay the Contractor License fee ($50 for new licenses, $35 for renewals), please mail a check or money order (please do not mail cash), along with any other applicable material (Certificate of Insurance with the Town of Lyons named as certificate holder, etc.) to the address below. Please ensure the business name and contact information is enclosed within the envelope. Or, you may pay by cash, check, or money order in-person at Lyons Town Hall.

Once all documentation has been received, payment can be processed.

Mailing Address:
Attn: Contractor License Technician
Lyons Town Hall
PO Box 49
Lyons, CO 80540

Lyons Town Hall
432 5th Ave.
Lyons, CO 80540

Please direct questions to

Flood Elevation & Floodproofing Certificates

Visit for more information on the National Flood Insurance Program Elevation Certificate and Instructions.

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