The Town of Lyons Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Events offers a variety of Family and Community offerings for all ages. Please see look on the What's New page for various listings.

Family/ Community Offerings:

  • Old Time Square Dances Dances
  • Hunters Education Courses
  • River Run 5k Logo Contest
  • Discount Dog Days
  • Coexisting with Bears
  • Boulder County Composting Workshop
  • Composting & Vermiculture
  • Secrets of Gardening
  • Ice Skating
  • Tree/Bench Dedication
  • Label Reading Made Simple
  • Community Garden
  • Adopt a Park, Trail or Landscape


Please fill out a program evaluation form to let us know how our classes are and return it to Lyons Parks, Recreation and Culutral Events Department.

For the most recent listing of events and programs look in the What's New section. For any questions please call the Lyons Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Events directly.