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Board of Trustees

John O'Brien, Mayor

Connie Sullivan, Mayor Pro Tem

Barney Dreistadt

Dawn Weller

Jim Kerr

Daniel Greenberg

LaVern Johnson


Library Advisory Board

Christina Wells, Chair

Dan Greenberg, Board Liaison

Merlyn Williams, Staff Liaison

Pam Browning, Vice Chair

Perky Hubner

Kate Kerr

Katherine Keim



Parks and Recreation Commission

Mary Chase, Chair

Lavern Johnson, Board Liaison

Dave Cosgrove, Staff Liaison

Pam Barnes

Veronika Gaia                                                                                       

Chris Cope

Adam Schwartz

Doug Stahl


 Ecology Advisory Board

Steve Simms, Chair

Connie Sullivan, Board Liaison

Greg Lowell, Recording Secretary

Dave Cosgrove, Staff Liaison

Dave Batts

Caitlyn Bolton

Fay Marshall

Garima Fairfax



Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC)

 Michelle Allen, Chair

Jim Kerr, Board Liaison

Bob Joseph, Contract Planner

 Brian Rieck

Neil Sullivan

Roger Flynn

Greg Oetting

David Lock



 Board of Adjustments

Connie Eyster, Chair

Jacque Watson, Staff Liaison

Albert Goranson (alternate)

Peter Watson

Walt Kinderman

Randy Pollard

 Alternate (vacancy)


Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission

Anne O’Brien, Chair

Jacque Watson, Staff Liaison

John King, Vice Chair

Georgi Pollard

Mollie Stauss

Betsy Hubner

Jacob Leeuwenburgh

Chrystal DeCoster


Sustainable Futures Commission

Rick Wheelock, Chair

Dawn Weller, Board Liaison

Lonnie Jones, Staff Liaison

Justin Spencer

Coco Gordon, Co-Chair

David Hatchimonji, Interim Chair

Dan Matsch

David Selden

David DeCoster


Economic Development Commission

Jay Malito, Chair

Barney Dreistadt, Board Liaison

Jacque Watson, Staff Liaison

Steve Beck

Liz Erley

Tamara Vega-Hadadd

Jean Michalec

Toby Russell



Lyons Historic Preservation Commission

LaVern Johnson

Ken Cinnamon

Lori Stott

Chris Combs


Utilities and Engineering Board

Aaron Caplan, Chair

Steve Wratten, Vice Chair

Jim Blankenship, Staff Liaison

Jim Kerr, BOT Liaison

Lee Hall

Steve Fankhouser

Chuck Keim

John Cowdrey

Coco Gordon, SFC Liaison


Human Services & Aging Commission

Jocelyn Fankhouser, Chair

Julie Van Domelen

Bill Myers

Amy Reinholds

Janaki Jane

Ellen Keane

Meg Waters

Pete Ditmon, Staff Liaison


Watershed Advisory Board

Scott Shipley

Monica Berreman

Lawrence Quinn

Sally Collins

Mathew Rooney

Reed Farr

David Batts