Weed Mitigation

The Town of Lyons currently utilizes a comprehensive weed management program for weed control on:

  • Over 90 acres of community & neighborhood parks
  • Over 135 acres of open space
  • Over 5 miles of trails
  • Public roads and right-of-ways in town limits
The Town of Lyons' weed management plan is an integrative approach, consisting of mowing, hand-pulling, herbicide application, cultural control, and public outreach and education. The objective of the plan is to minimize the occurrence of weeds and the associated negative impacts on native plant communities, public lands, and public corridors within Lyons.

The Town is working with Lyons Ecology Board on potential updates to current practices. In 2019, the Town will not be applying synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides in lawn or turf areas in LaVern M. Johnson Park, Sandstone Park, or several pilot areas, including the Barronway buyout parcel and riparian areas of LaVern M. Johnson Park. In addition, the use of Glyphosate will be discontinued in these areas.
The dropsheet of the product being used may be found here.

Weed mitigation services for July 22, 2020

OrganoLawn of Boulder, has been contracted by Walsh Construction and the Town of Lyons for broadleaf weed mitigation at Bohn Park, 199 2nd Ave on July 22, 2020 (dependent on weather and other scheduling).

They will be using an all organic fertilization and weed control service to be performed on the newly seeded area to the east of the newly constructed ball fields.

Product information below provided by OrganoLawn:

One Earth Weed and Feed with Iron In Turf
One Earth Weed and Feed is a 100% organic post-emergent weed control and organic fertilizer that will kill most broadleaf weeds between 60-90% per application. This product works  well on leafy weeds and will control dandelions around a 90%+ control rate. All the ingredients in One Earth Weed and Feed are considered to be edible and it is derived from plant based materials and a special form of Iron. One Earth Weed Control works extremely well on killing dandelions, thistle, plantain, wild lettuce, and many other larger leafed broadleaf weeds.

By utilizing an integrative approach to weed management, the Town strives to prevent the introduction of new invasive plant species, eradicate isolated or limited populations, and contain and manage weed species that are established within Lyons.


  • Minimize the occurrence of weeds and associated negative impacts on native plant communities, nearby open space lands, agricultural lands, and public corridors.
  • Utilize an integrative weed management approach to prevent the introduction of new invasive plant species and to contain and manage weed species that are established within the county.
  • Promote education and awareness of new and potential invasive weed species.
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Noxious Weeds

The Colorado Noxious Weed Act states that noxious weed management is the responsibility of each local governing agency - incorporated municipalities, counties, and lands owned by state and federal agencies. Boulder County currently has 22 plants which are listed in the Boulder County Noxious Weed Management Plan.

For more information on noxious weeds in Lyons, including mitigation resources, visit the Noxious Weeds page.