Hunters Education

Volunteers from the State of Colorado Division of Wildlife will be teaching a hunter education
course. In Colorado, anyone born after January 1, 1949 is required to take a 15-hour course. Hunter Education certificates are valid in all states and are good for life (unless laws are violated). Areas to be touched on during the course include: survival,  ethics, conservation, wildlife management, the law,

field care of game, game identication  and the philosophy of hunting. To sign up for the course please call 303-823-8250 and leave a message with all names of those who will be attending and contact information.

Age: 7 and older
 Fee: $10 per student
Dates: Saturday October 8th and
 8 am-5 pm
Sunday October 9th
9 am-3 pm
Location: Walt Self Building
Instructor: Mike Hora
 Class Size: 10 Minimum/40Maximum