Waste Hauling License

The Town of Lyons Ordinance #977 requires licensing of all hauling companies operating within the Town of Lyons that collect, transport or dispose of discarded materials (garbage, recyclables, or compostables).
Please follow the steps below to receive your 2017 hauler license:
  • Complete the Hauler Application Form
  • Complete and sign the Self‐Certification Form
  • Calculate your license fee based on an annual fee of $50.00 for up to the first three vehicles (if you operate one, two, or three vehicles, the cost is $50.00). Each additional vehicle is $10.00 (i.e., if you operate four vehicles, the cost is $60.00).
  • Send the two forms referred to above and your license fee payment to the address below. Please make checks payable to Town of Lyons.
          Town of Lyons
          Attn: Hauler License
          P.O Box 49
          Lyons, CO 80540

Upon receipt of your Application, Self‐Certification Form and payment, your Hauler License will be issued. With issuance of your license, you will receive the appropriate number of paper licenses for your vehicles.

If you have questions, contact Toby Russell at trussell@townoflyons.com or 303-823-6622 ext: 46


In 2014, the Town of Lyons implemented new policies that apply to all hauling companies that collect, transport or dispose of discarded materials (garbage, recyclables, or compostables) within the town limits.

The policy calls for:

  • Licensing of all haulers
  • Waste Hauler Annual Reporting

Policy documents:

Annual Reporting

Annual reporting is required per the Ordinance. In order to increase efficiency, the annual report form is available to download here. Annual reports must be submitted by January 30, 2018. All information provided will be kept confidential.