Business & Contractor License

Business License
A Town of Lyons Business License is required for all businesses located and/or conducting business within the Town of Lyons, including Home Occupations. Approval of your Business License application is necessary prior to operating a business. The application should be submitted early to ensure your proposed business is compliant with the Lyons Municipal Code.

Contractors License
Please send business and contractor license applications to Sonya Wyppler. Once all documentation has been received, payment can be processed.
Credit card payments can be accepted over the phone at (303) 823-6622, ext. 25. Please drop-off or mail other payment types to:

Lyons Town Hall
Attn: Sonya Wyppler
P.O. Box 49
Lyons, CO 80540 
  1. Lagenia Reimer

    Building Permit Technician
    Phone: 303-823-6622, ext. 11